Prepare Yourself for Winter.

Autumn Mojo Detox.

Summer is fading fast, the weather is turning cooler and Winter is on its way.

We all know Winter is when we let ourselves eat a little more, drink a little more, and generally let ourselves go. 

Autumn is a season of transition, perfect for a detox to reset the mind and prime your system for Winter wellness. This year start planning your Summer body before Winter gets here, head into Winter with a healthy mindset and a clean system.

So, what is the ultimate way to prepare for Winter? The 30-Day Mojo Detox!

The 30-Day Mojo Detox, kicking off on Monday 9th April, is designed specifically for busy mums, to help you lose some weight, burn fat, break addictions to sugar and processed food, sleep better, clear the brain fog, and get a much needed energy boost. It’s not magic, but when you give your body everything it needs, magic happens! The 30-Day Mojo Detox gets you on the path to being healthy, energetic, and full of sparkle.


Why detox?

Because the modern world is a TOXIC place, whether that be pesticides in food, chemicals in personal care products and cleaners, heavy metals, mold exposure, or medications. We ingest, apply, absorb and breathe toxins every day. Our bodies are self-cleansing machines but were never designed to process all these new chemicals we find in our environment today. When we are toxic our bodies gain and retain fat – the filters such as the liver and lymphatic systems simply cannot cope. When we have a build-up of toxins in the body it can have a number of side effects, including headaches, brain fog, fatigue, stubborn weight gain, plus a whole host of other health complaints.

When you become a mum it gets even worse, with a new side order of stubborn weight gain, sleep deprivation, brain fog, stress and exhaustion. Coffee, sugary treats, fast food and wine often become our crutches to get through the day.

The problem is that each of these things, whilst providing temporary relief, actually contribute to all the side effects that led you to them in the first place.

This lack of sleep, alcohol, sugar, coffee, food additives, medications, stress and anxiety all act as toxins in the body. That’s why we need to detox regularly. Detoxing gives the body a much needed clean-up, and can lead to dramatic improvements in your weight and health.

The 30-Day Mojo Detox is a step-by-step flexible program to remove toxins from your body for a healthier, happier lifestyle.

The 30-Day Program is a cellular detox that will reduce and eliminate the toxins going into your body and set you on a path to help you lose weight, gain lean muscle, improve your sleep, deal with stress, enhance your mood, and positively impact your overall health and energy.

The program is simple and easy to follow, even for the busiest working mum. It’s a full body, mind and spiritual detox. It takes 21 days to change a habit. The first week of the program will involve some adjustment, trial and error – 30 days is what you need to get it right for your future lifestyle change.

With the 30-Day Detox you will set a new pattern and direction for your life. You will take new, healthy steps every day, and it will do wonders for your health, weight and wellbeing, short and long term. This anti-inflammatory program is not about counting calories, carbs or fats, it’s about choosing foods from a place of wanting to nourish your body and your cells on a deep level.

What can you expect?

With the 30-Day Mojo Detox you will receive healthy and whole food guidelines. You can still eat healthy fats like coconut oil and avacados along with protein and complex carbs. You will reduce the toxic load by cutting out inflammatory foods like wheat/gluten, sugar, dairy, alcohol, caffeine, and replacing those foods with nutritious shakes, supplements, and healthy (and hopefully organic) meals.

The Detox also focuses on reducing other toxic substances — stress hormones such as adrenalin and cortisol — and increasing healing activities such as sleep, gentle exercise, breathing and relaxation.

On the program you will also develop a deeper understanding of the toxic environment we live in, and the impact this has on your health and wellbeing. We will provide simple and easy to follow advice for how to reduce the everyday toxins you are exposed to.

We encourage daily moderate exercise as it delivers a full-body service that effectively draws toxins from all the tissues. Key detoxification processes — perspiration, oxygenation, circulation, digestion — are all enhanced by exercise. Lymphatic waste removal, perhaps the body’s number one method of detox, can’t function without external motion. Dry skin body brushing can further enhance this process.

Sweating is another natural way the body flushes out toxins and waste: as body temperature rises, the sweat glands in the skin release fluid to aid cooling through evaporation. Simultaneously, toxins collected in the fat cells just under the surface of the skin can be released through the pores with the perspiration.

Infra-red sauna

The Journal of the American College of Cardiology reports that infrared sauna treatment significantly lowers blood sugar, increases circulation, reduces muscle pain, and induces weight loss. Infra red saunas penetrate into the body, deep into the cells. They increase core temperature which is much deeper than the sweat you produce through exercising, and is therefore a fantastic tool for detoxing.

Infra red light supports cellular detoxing, helping to get rid of metals like nickel and lead, phthalates, pesticides, mould, and chemicals from drugs. They also aid weight loss and especially waist circumference reduction, and decrease cholesterol levels, lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.

Ionic Foot Spa

The Ionic Foot Spa is a foot bath that cleanses, detoxifies, and restores the body by eliminating chemicals and re-establishing the bio-energetic fields of your body. Your feet soak in a saline solution for 30 minutes while an array pulls toxins through the 4000 pores in your feet. Studies have shown that this detoxification tool can eliminate metals like aluminium, cadmium, and lead from your body and can provide health benefits like; pain relief, increased energy, improved sleep, improved digestion, respiratory improvements and much more.

Program Options

Basic Reset Mojo Detox – $49

Program Benefits:

  • 30-Day Program Guide – newsletters, checklist, and diary
  • Access to Private Facebook Group – for support throughout
  • Detox recipes and shopping list
  • Detox tips and tools for your skin, home, relationships, and emotions
  • Additional health and weight loss advice
  • Text message reminders – tips at your fingertips so there’s no excuse!
  • 30% discount off my Health & Life Coaching program

Premium Reset Mojo Detox – $99 

Program Benefits:

  • 30-Day Program Guide – newsletters, checklist, and diary
  • Access to Private Facebook Group – for support throughout
  • Detox recipes and shopping list
  • Detox tips and tools for your skin, home, relationships, and emotions
  • Additional health and weight loss advice
  • Text message reminders – tips at your fingertips so there’s no excuse!
  • 1 x 30 minute nutrition and coaching phone session
  • 1 x 45 minute infra red sauna session
  • 1 x 30 minute Ionic foot spa and infra-red light session
  • 30% discount off my Health & Life Coaching program

The 30-Day Mojo Detox is your complete guide to eating well, removing harmful toxins from your body, getting better sleep, protecting your body from the damages of stress and ageing well. The surge of energy, mental clarity, deep, restful sleep and glowing skin are all some of the side-effects – in addition to burning fat, getting rid of belly-bloat and gaining lean muscle.

Your Mojo will be in full flow!

Love, wellness and happiness,

Ames x